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Forgeverse is a multiplayer sandbox game that allows for building, PvP & PvE modes using an array of options (PvP, PvE, maps, items & more) when starting a server. Using the options it's possible to play survival against zombies, deathmatch, battle royale or just mess around building, it's up to you.

Customize your player with a variety of head & torso types with many accessories and options such as hats, glasses and different faces to pick from.

Visit the Forgeverse Forum here to find custom build files, modes & more: forgeverse.boards.net


Controls can be customized to your liking in the options menu.
W,A,S,D - Movement 
SPACE - Jump
1-0, SCROLLWHEEL - Scroll Through Inventory  
Q,E - Scroll Through Build/Spawn Selection 
LEFT ALT - Free Cursor/Build Height Offset
X - Drop Item  
LEFT CLICK - Use Held Item/Build 
RIGHT CLICK - Aim/Destroy Build/Copy colour 
SCROLL CLICK - Reset Build Offset 
CAPS LOCK - Toggle Build Toolbar
R - Rotate Build Placement  
T - Chat 
ESC - Pause Menu 
F1 - Toggle HUD 
F3 - Toggle Debug Info 
F5 - Toggle 1st Person
F6 - Toggle FPS cap
F7 - Send Bug Report
F8 - Toggle DOF (good for screenshots!)
F9 - Toggle Music Track Loop
F10 - Change Music Track
F11 - Stop/Start Music Player
F12 - Take Screenshot

For updates & news visit @WookbeeDev


Download NowName your own price

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Forgeverse (Windows) 175 MB
Forgeverse (0.0.34, Android APK) 183 MB

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Version 32 Bit PLS 

Im wondering if the game can play like lan wifi via hotspot multi player but if not then you can add it. Its pretty fun to play with the bois at home

anyone online?


no bud


I genuinely love this game! Graphics, animations, especially SFX of the game is extremely relaxing. I appreciate your work! Also, I am sure that this game is going to be popular.


tremendo juegazo

denle mod


This game is good as hell going to be famous one day


I have heard the menu sfx in "2/3/4 player games mobile"

maybe just a free asset

good game!


cool game wookbee!

Thank you!

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This is so not cool because it does not run AT ALL on my tablet my tablet has 1gb Ram so please optimize it thank you it looks great but i cant even open the app it just crashs.

Sorry to hear it's crashing. I've just released a new version (0.0.34) with a fair few changes and optimisations, hopefully it'll work now.

If it still crashes could you let me know what tablet you're using? Thanks.

Ok let me try it

Welp that didnt work also i have exacly 903 mb of ram im on a fire tablet (Fire 7 not hd) its because i hate the games on the appstore its providing me its not even google play that's why I took to itch.io and other game sites (sorry if I annoy you for this I'm sorry)

Oh and appstore and google play has a Publishing fee so It cant even get Released there as theres a fee and Steam has a fee of 100$ too

Btw I think you need 2 GB of ram available


wow looks good

Thanks! :D

hope you  notice this

Hey justin youre probably hereim the guy from omeggle im waiting inside the game i had to go


This is a very cool game!


boi this is so good


This game is really cool it is like a fusion of all the things I enjoy from Roblox and Minecraft with more versatility. The fact that it is multiplayer too makes it even better. I think this game has the potential to become really popular in the future. I hope it does because I will definitely play it .

Thanks for the follow too :)


Hey! I tried the game! Its so simple and super cool at the same time, i really like the multiple things that you can do. i read in the comments that you will update the networking pakage and i think photon is better than mirror, i tried both and mirror caused me a lot of problems.

Anyway you are doind a really good job, because even if the graphics is not that high in resolution the game is super funny and entrataining, and that is the important thing 

If i will find bugs i will tell you :)

Thanks for trying it, I'm glad you liked it! I haven't used photon before but I've read good things about it, I'll look into it sometime.


Very awesome game

Thank you!


Also thanks for the follow I just started with game development and I'm still learning a bit so that follow really helps

Deleted 1 year ago

Thanks, I'm working on an in-game server browser, so hopefully that'll make it easier to find games in the future.


Thank you for the follow, i really appriciare. I have already downloaded your game but i will try it tomorrow because here in italy it's 00:49 am


This looks great, thx for following 👍


Muito bom!👍❤️

Pretty cool game, i like it so much!



wow this  should be published to steam its amazing

Thank you!

i have have 1 question tho, how do you play online with friends, i recommended the game to my friend but we dont know how to be in a server together, we cant find the game ip

Playing with friends over different networks requires the host to port forward (https://www.hellotech.com/guide/for/how-to-port-forward) and open port 7777, much like Minecraft if you've tried that. Then your friend can join using your public IP (https://www.showmyipaddress.eu/).

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Good work. But I have a question. HOW YOU MAKE THIS???!?!?? This is so very cool, bro. I subscribed to your channel on YouTube.

Thanks, a lot of googling....

Okay,  how you make multiplayer with Photon? Or UNET?

I was using UNET but I'm in the process of moving over to Mirror.






hey this game looks awesome! The building mechanics look really strong with opening doors and such!


Nice game.

I look forward to new updates

Thank you.


Cool love it and thank you for following me. I also followed you because you make cool games.





Wow bro this game cool i like sandbox game 


Thanks :D


This is a great game!

Thank you!