1.8.2 Patch Release.

1.8.2 Patch.

Updated HUD UI layout.

Added two new message logs.

Planet defence systems will no longer attack, providing you have no bounty level against their faction, and are not currently working a contract for the opposing faction. This should make it easier to pick up contracts from the opposing side, making switching sides a lot less of a hassle.

Difficulty rebalancing (more below).

Bug fixes/small changes:

  • Increased capital ship drop rate.
  • Fixed incorrect faction label on one of the message logs (note that you will still have a version of the incorrect log if you have a save file older than 1.8.2).
  • Increased boost rate of speed.
  • NPC health is now higher, based on their level.
  • NPC level now has a greater influence on the amount of XP they drop.
  • All weapon damage has been nerfed slightly.
  • Removed remaining XP display text.
  • Added more NPC dialogue lines.
  • Added new roaming music track, Wormhole travel – Vitalezzz (https://opengameart.org/content/wormhole-travel).
  • Added notification for receiving XP.
  • Clicking skips the opening logo.


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UI Example (click 'Read More' to see full comment)

The game feels better with the update! (image above relates to slight issue below)

High level enemies actually take quite a bit of firepower to take down now, which is good. The UI update is also a plus! While I didn't really have a problem with it before, it is much sleeker now.

My only issue now is that nowhere in the game does it mention what the two(technically three) unmarked UI parts are, which represent the durability of your weapon(orange square around weapon), durability(not health,that's the blue ring around the HP bar for people other than the developer reading) of your equipped shields(bottom orange, right), and durability of your repair kit(?)(top left, green).
I assume these parts are left for the player to figure out on their own.

I can't wait to see more of your work, whether it be on this game or elsewhere! Great job with the update!

Great update!! Good job making it :D